College of Education for Girls - Literature Sections


Year of Establishment: 1395 AH


This college was established in Jeddah in the academic year 1395\1396 AH when it started with a few number of students in the two departments of Islamic studies and Arabic language. Then the two departments of English Language and Domestic Economy were added in 1400\1401 AH and mathematics in 1410 AH.

 In 1400, the postgraduate course was inaugurated in the two departments of Islamic Studies "Theology" and Arabic Language "grammar, syntax and linguistics, language, literature and syntax. Then other departments were inaugurated, each supervising and organizing the study program for the master's degree and doctorates.

The first master dissertation was held on 29\3\1404 AH at the two departments of Islamic studies "theology" and Arabic Language "grammar and syntax". However, the first doctorate dissertation was held in 1408 AH in the field of "Usul Al-Fiqh" (fundamentals of jurisprudence), and in the department of education and psychology in the field of "curricula and education methods".

In the academic year 1408 AH, the college started to prepare a course for the general diploma in education for public education teachers that are not educationally qualified. The course continued to run until the end of 1409 AH. The college's deputy for postgraduate affairs and a separate office was established for general supervision on and organization of postgraduate courses at all the departments of the faculty.

In 1416 AH, the college was divided into two: college of education for girls (literature sections) based in Rei' Dhakhir Suburb and the college of education for girls (science sections) headquartered in the Suburb of Aziziyya. The decision of separating literature sections from science ones had been deferred and therefore both departments are included within the college of education for girls in Holy Makkah.

In response to the decision of the general chairman of girls' education to separate the department of domestic economy at the college of education to become a college of domestic economy based in Mansour Street, different departments were inaugurated in 24\2\1416 AH. In 1418, literature sections were separated from science ones as to the administrative aspects. Therefore, each college had its own deanship.



  • Developing the creed of loyalty to Allah and continuing to enrich a student with the Islamic culture that instills into her mind the accountability before Allah for her due roles in the Islamic society so as to be a good member contributing to social progress.
  •   Continuing to establish the Islamic and integrated character of a Muslim girl to assume her role in life as a wife, a mother, a scholar and a worker. For such purpose, assistance should be given to her to acquire the appropriate professional knowledge, tendencies and values.
  • Preparing teachers who are specialized in different knowledge and scientific fields, in a way that goes in line with the nature of a girl and that helps her contribute to the achievement of comprehensive development for Saudi women society within the limits defined by the Islamic Shari'ah.
  • Developing innovative and creative abilities of a girl and training her to use the scientific approach in facing and dealing with problems