1- Establishment        

The Institute of Scientific Research and Revival of Islamic Heritage was established in 1406 H. Since its establishment it has participated in supporting the scientific outcomes within the University and helped in publishing research, books and theses. In addition to that it has provided the information resources for researchers and the postgraduate students.


2- Aims and activities:

The institute aims at supporting the university mission, encouragement of the scientific research in all its fields, looking after the Islamic Heritage and joining between university and the society according to the Islamic constitution. That is to be achieved through some objectives as follows:

1. Establishing scientific strategies for research and organizing the suitable methods to execute these strategies.

2. Demonstrating the Islamic thought and its achievements in the history of science and culture and upgrading the scientific and applied research and studies.

3. Collecting the Islamic Heritage and protecting it by indexing, manuscripting and making it available for researcher

4. Following up the Islamic constitution in all research and other activities.

5. Provision of the specialized consultation and training in all available fields within the Institute.

6. Encouraging the academic staff of the university to undertake scientific research in the whole researching fields, which improve the knowledge and facilitate the society.

7. Co-operating with all scientific institutions within Saudi Arabia and abroad through programs of mutual research and exchange of knowledge and experiences.

8. Publishing the outcomes of the scientific research and bringing about the documenting methods that facilitate the researcher's duties.

9. Following up scientific research in both Arabic and other languages and translating the beneficial ones.

10. Providing tools and possibilities that are required by the academic staff and researchers from within the university and outside especially the academic staff who are granted a sabbatical year and making it possible for them to carry on their research within an appropriate scientific environment.

11. Supporting and financing the research projects in all scientific and engineering fields that facilitate the society.


3- Research Centers


The institute consists of 9 research centers and they are as follows:


1- Center of Islamic Heritage Revival

This center was established in 1396 H under the name of "Center of Scientific Research and Islamic Heritage Revival".  It consists of three scientific branches and three committees as follows:

1- Branch of Scientific Research.

2- Branch of Islamic Thought .  

3- Branch of Heritage Revival.


1- Committee of magazine center

2- Committee of encyclopedia of Fekh

3- Committee of indexes and dictionaries

In 1406 H the Scientific Research Institute has been established and the center has become one of its departments.


2- Center of Psychology & Education Research:

This center was established in 1397 H as a research center in the faculty of education and has joined the Scientific Research Institute in 1406H. The center aims to encourage the research and studies in the fields of educational sciences such as: curriculums and methods of teaching, educational psychology, educational administration and planning, Islamic education and comparison , and education art.


3- Center of Islamic Education Research:

This center was established in 1397 H as a part of Islamic conference Organization, then in 1402 H it joined Umm Al Qura University, in 1406 H it joined the Scientific Research Institute.   The center aims to share the research with other Islamic education centers.


4- Center of Islamic Studies Research:

In 1396 H the center of Scientific Research and Islamic Heritage Revival was established and the Islamic studies research was carried out through this center.   In 1407 H an independent center for Islamic research has been established.   The Islamic studies involve: the Book (Quran) and Sonna , Al Fekh, and Al Asoul, Faith, Islamic economy,  and history.



5- Center of  Arabic Language & its Literature Research:

This center was established in 1407 H , it cares for the research in Arabic language and its literature and has issued many publications.


6- Center of Applied Science Research:

This center was founded in 1404 H as a part of Faculty of Applied Sciences .  Then after in 1406 H it joined the Scientific Research Institute. The goal of the center is to encourage the research in the fields of math , chemistry, physics and  biology.


7- Center of Social Science Research:

This center was established in 1407 H and it cares for the research in the fields of geography , English language, social sciences, social services, libraries and information.


8- Center of Engineering & Architecture Research:

This center was founded in 1417 H .   It encourages the research in the fields of engineering studies (electricity, mechanics, computer, and civil engineering), as well as architecture studies (designs, structure, building science planning, etc)


 9- Center of Medicine and Medical Sciences Research:

This center was established in 1422 H. It cares for the research of medicine and medical sciences.



3- Services:

1-    Financing and executing scientific projects research.

2-    Publishing researches, books, and thesis.

3-    Collecting the Islamic Heritage.

4-    Providing the researchers through available English Databases with their needs of researches and abstracts in the field of their studies.

5-    Students' points research registration for the matter of thesis.

6-    Providing a copy of manuscripts for researchers according to their needs.


 4- Databases

1-    Manuscripts database.

2-    Thesis database.

3-    Published Books database.


5- Application Forms

1-    Proposal for research project form.

2-    Point research registration for thesis.


6- Administration

-         Dean.

-         Vice Dean.

-         Vice Dean for researches. -         Vice Dean for girls.


7- Contact us




Institute of Scientific Research and Revival of Islamic Heritage

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Center of Psychology & Education Research:  5825

Center of Islamic Heritage Revival:  5839

Center of Islamic Studies Research:  5816

Center of Islamic Education Research:  5843

Center of Engineering & Architecture Research:  5857

Center of Applied Science Research:  5867

Center of Arabic Language & its Literature Research:  5860

Center of Social Science Research:  5813

Center of Medicine and Medical Sciences Research:  5799

Electronic mail:

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8- links

Saudi Arabia Research Centers

King Faisal Center

International libraries



9- C.V

1-    Dean

2-    Vice Dean

3-    Vice dean for girls


11. Institute Library

It is the second library in the university after the central library. It Contains thousands of books and periodic, and thesis. It is specialize for post graduate students.


12. Microfilm Library.

            Microfilm library contains more than 20 thousands manuscripts in 25 art and knowledge, such as Math, Geography, Medicine, Hadeeth, Fekh, Arabic Language, Koran.... Etc.

This library is prepared sciences to be used by researches with reader for manuscripts.


13. Projects under financing by the institute.

      More than 14 projects now are to be financed in different fields by the institute.


14. Fairs and seminars:

The institute participates annually in more than 20  international fairs for book inside and outside the kingdom. Also the institute has arranged recently a conference named "Islamic education and construction of the modern Moslem" in the period of 22-24/1/1427 H.